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Kenley Jansen Out With Heart Problem

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The Dodgers held a two-run lead entering the bottom of the ninth inning Wednesday at Coors Field, but Ronald Belisario remained in the game to pitch with closer Kenley Jansen nowhere to be found. Now we know why, as the Dodgers closer was unavailable after being treated for a heart condition.

Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times reported that the issue is related to the cardiac arrhythmia that forced Jansen to miss a month last season. Jansen also suffered a recurrence of the irregular heartbeat early in spring training.

Jansen said he changed his diet to avoid fatty foods after last year's scare, but admitted that was hard during the offseason during visits home, where his mother would have home cooked meals waiting for him.

What this means for the Dodgers immediately is unknown. Jansen missed 28 days when on the DL for the same condition last season, but he was only out for a couple of days during spring training.