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Diamondbacks In Disarray: Arizona Series Preview

ROY Wade Miley?  (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
ROY Wade Miley? (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The worst team in the NL Western Division these days are not the San Diego Padres who have won NINE of their last ten games. Nor is it the Colorado Rockies who are fresh off of beating the Dodgers two of three, and seven of their last ten. No, the sad sack team in the NL West at the moment are the Arizona Diamondbacks, who have won only two games in their last ten, lost eleven of sixteen in August, and are now three games under .500 for the season at 64 - 67.

The Diamondbacks have beaten the Dodgers eight out of twelve including a three game sweep the last time they met. Now would be a good time even the series.

We all know those Gibby spells are only good for a season in a half.

The rotation now consists of their top pitching prospect Tyler Skaggs, a decent prospect in Patrick Corbin, Ian Kennedy, Trevor Cahill, and possible rookie pitcher of the year Wade Miley. The Dodger will miss Corbin but get everyone else.

Things that have changed since we last played the Diamondbacks when they swept us:

  • On Aug 3rd after sweeping the Dodgers the Diamondbacks looked ready to make a charge for either the Western Division or Wild Card as they were only two games back. Now they are 9.5 games back and unless they sweep the Dodgers, their postseason hopes are pretty much buried.
  • A big part of the sweep was newly acquired Chris Johnson who hit two home runs and drove in seven runs. Johnson continued to hit for another week then stopped. Since Aug 11th, in 41 plate appearances he has all of four singles. OOPS
  • Stephen Drew was dumped on the A's
  • Joe Saunders was moved to the Orioles
  • In the month of August the Diamondbacks simply stopped hitting. They have the worst wOBA in the NL at 68. Aaron Hill and Justin Upton are the only two regulars doing good work in the month of August.
  • Jason Kubel deserves his own blip. Kubel who had been such a huge run producer has fallen off the cliff with a TSL for the month of August of .155 / .209 / .333. Strangely enough he has hit four home runs this month, but he has seen his seasonal OPS drop from a peak .950 in mid July to .854.
  • These are the August numbers for the Arizona rotation
  • These are the August numbers for the Arizona bullpen

As disappointing as the season has been for the Diamondbacks they do have a few bright spots. Number one has to be the continued success of Wade Miley. Going into the year the Diamondback pitching prospects were Bauer / Skaggs / Corbin, yet it is Wade Miley who very well could end up winning ROY. Skaggs and Corbin are also now entrenched in the rotation so the Diamondbacks are going to battle with three rookies. The fact that Bauer is not one of these rookies is the surprise.

This will be the last time the Diamondbacks visit the Ravine in 2012. Will it be the last time Dodger fans see Justin Upton in a Diamondback uniform? I went to his debut at Dodger Stadium when he was just 19 and while he has had flashes of brilliance he has not come close at age 24 of meeting his expectations. By this time many expected him to be in some MVP conversations, not conversations about the most disappointing player of 2012. Tis a shame, I love me brilliance.

Thursday - Ian Kennedy

Friday - Trevor Cahill

Saturday - Tyler Skaggs

Sunday - Wade Miley