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Dodgers Announce 2013 Schedule

The Dodgers open their 2013 season against the Giants on Monday, April 1.
The Dodgers open their 2013 season against the Giants on Monday, April 1.

MLB on Wednesday announced its preliminary 2013 schedule, and here are the highlights of the Dodgers' slate for next year.

The Dodgers will open at home on Monday, Apr. 1 against the Giants, the second time in three seasons the team has opened at home against San Francisco. After two years of opening the season on a Thursday (with one ESPN Wednesday night game) and ending on a Wednesday, 2013 marks a return for MLB to starting on Monday and ending on Sunday.

The Dodgers end their regular season at home next year against the Rockies on Sept. 29, but that is immediately preceded by a 10-game road trip to Arizona, San Diego, and San Francisco.

With a uniform distribution of teams into six divisions with five teams each, every team will play 19 games against each of the other four divisional foes. The Dodgers will host the Giants 10 times next year, including June 24-26 and Sept. 12-15.

Every MLB team will play either six or seven games against the 10 non-divisional opponents in their league, for a total of 66 games.

The Dodgers have 20 interleague games (as does every MLB team), including two game each at home and on the road against the Yankees. The Dodgers are scheduled to play in The Bronx for the first time ever in the regular season on June 18-19, and will host the Yankees on July 30-31 at Dodger Stadium. The rest of the interleague schedule:

  • Apr. 19-21: at Baltimore
  • May 27-28: vs. Angels
  • May 29-30: at Anaheim
  • July 22-24: at Toronto
  • Aug. 9-11: vs. Tampa Bay
  • Aug. 23-25: vs. Boston

The Dodgers are at home on Jackie Robinson Day (Apr. 15), hosting the Padres.

Here is the entire 2013 Dodgers schedule:

Date Day Opponent

April 1 Monday SF

April 2 Tuesday SF

April 3 Wednesday SF

April 5 Friday PIT

April 6 Saturday PIT

April 7 Sunday PIT

April 9 Tuesday @SD

April 10 Wednesday @SD

April 11 Thursday @SD

April 12 Friday @ARI

April 13 Saturday @ARI

April 14 Sunday @ARI

April 15 Monday SD

April 16 Tuesday SD

April 17 Wednesday SD

April 19 Friday @BAL

April 20 Saturday @BAL

April 21 Sunday @BAL

April 23 Tuesday @NYM

April 24 Wednesday @NYM

April 25 Thursday @NYM

April 26 Friday MIL

April 27 Saturday MIL

April 28 Sunday MIL

April 29 Monday COL

April 30 Tuesday COL

May 1 Wednesday COL

May 3 Friday @SF

May 4 Saturday @SF

May 5 Sunday @SF

May 6 Monday ARI

May 7 Tuesday ARI

May 8 Wednesday ARI

May 10 Friday MIA

May 11 Saturday MIA

May 12 Sunday MIA

May 13 Monday WAS

May 14 Tuesday WAS

May 15 Wednesday WAS

May 17 Friday @ATL

May 18 Saturday @ATL

May 19 Sunday @ATL

May 20 Monday @MIL

May 21 Tuesday @MIL

May 22 Wednesday @MIL

May 24 Friday STL

May 25 Saturday STL

May 26 Sunday STL

May 27 Monday LAA

May 28 Tuesday LAA

May 29 Wednesday @LAA

May 30 Thursday @LAA

May 31 Friday @COL

June 1 Saturday @COL

June 2 Sunday @COL

June 3 Monday SD

June 4 Tuesday SD

June 5 Wednesday SD

June 6 Thursday ATL

June 7 Friday ATL

June 8 Saturday ATL

June 9 Sunday ATL

June 10 Monday ARI

June 11 Tuesday ARI

June 12 Wednesday ARI

June 14 Friday @PIT

June 15 Saturday @PIT

June 16 Sunday @PIT

June 18 Tuesday @NYY

June 19 Wednesday @NYY

June 20 Thursday @SD

June 21 Friday @SD

June 22 Saturday @SD

June 23 Sunday @SD

June 24 Monday SF

June 25 Tuesday SF

June 26 Wednesday SF

June 27 Thursday PHI

June 28 Friday PHI

June 29 Saturday PHI

June 30 Sunday PHI

July 2 Tuesday @COL

July 3 Wednesday @COL

July 4 Thursday @COL

July 5 Friday @SF

July 6 Saturday @SF

July 7 Sunday @SF

July 8 Monday @ARI

July 9 Tuesday @ARI

July 10 Wednesday @ARI

July 11 Thursday COL

July 12 Friday COL

July 13 Saturday COL

July 14 Sunday COL

July 16 All-Star Game @ Citi Field

July 19 Friday @WAS

July 20 Saturday @WAS

July 21 Sunday @WAS

July 22 Monday @TOR

July 23 Tuesday @TOR

July 24 Wednesday @TOR

July 25 Thursday CIN

July 26 Friday CIN

July 27 Saturday CIN

July 28 Sunday CIN

July 30 Tuesday NYY

July 31 Wednesday NYY

August 1 Thursday @CHI

August 2 Friday @CHI

August 3 Saturday @CHI

August 4 Sunday @CHI

August 5 Monday @STL

August 6 Tuesday @STL

August 7 Wednesday @STL

August 8 Thursday @STL

August 9 Friday TB

August 10 Saturday TB

August 11 Sunday TB

August 12 Monday NYM

August 13 Tuesday NYM

August 14 Wednesday NYM

August 16 Friday @PHI

August 17 Saturday @PHI

August 18 Sunday @PHI

August 19 Monday @MIA

August 20 Tuesday @MIA

August 21 Wednesday @MIA

August 22 Thursday @MIA

August 23 Friday BOS

August 24 Saturday BOS

August 25 Sunday BOS

August 26 Monday CHI

August 27 Tuesday CHI

August 28 Wednesday CHI

August 30 Friday SD

August 31 Saturday SD

Sept. 1 Sunday SD

Sept. 2 Monday @COL

Sept. 3 Tuesday @COL

Sept. 4 Wednesday @COL

Sept. 6 Friday @CIN

Sept. 7 Saturday @CIN

Sept. 8 Sunday @CIN

Sept. 9 Monday ARI

Sept. 10 Tuesday ARI

Sept. 11 Wednesday ARI

Sept. 12 Thursday SF

Sept. 13 Friday SF

Sept. 14 Saturday SF

Sept. 15 Sunday SF

Sept. 16 Monday @ARI

Sept. 17 Tuesday @ARI

Sept. 18 Wednesday @ARI

Sept. 19 Thursday @ARI

Sept. 20 Friday @SD

Sept. 21 Saturday @SD

Sept. 22 Sunday @SD

Sept. 24 Tuesday @SF

Sept. 25 Wednesday @SF

Sept. 26 Thursday @SF

Sept. 27 Friday COL

Sept. 28 Saturday COL

Sept. 29 Sunday COL