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Late Night Links For An Off Night

Can anyone identify this man?
Can anyone identify this man?

With the Dodgers off tonight, there was time to peruse the internet and see what other folks had to say relating to the ballclub.

As some of you may know, Baseball Prospectus has held events at ballparks throughout the country this year and on Saturday they visited Dodger Stadium. Our own Craig Minami recounted Vin Scully's appearance at this gathering.

[Scully] is forever charming and respectful of his fans. It was only a 24 minute interview but is was certainly among the best of the thousands of minutes I have spent at Dodger Stadium.

Over at Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness, one of their regular readers shared his account of the goings-on.

[Logan] White talked about tricking other scouts into thinking he would take Kershaw with the 28th pick in the first round rather than the 7th.

And Vin Scully Is My Homeboy has six BPro video clips taken of the various speakers posted on his site.

That wasn't all the Scully scuttlebutt as Vin was the subject of a piece aired on the CBS Sunday Morning news show, who published their transcript here. I doubt any of us will argue with that headline.

He's been cutting back on the travel, and spending more time with his 16 grandchildren - nearly all of whom came decked out in Dodgers jerseys for [Vin Scully] Bobblehead Night - to watch Vin throw out the first pitch. "I want them to remember this long after I've departed, you know? So I wanna share this with them, with all my heart and soul."

Additionally, the Sons of Steve Garvey blog included three fun still vidcaps in their blog entry on this broadcast.

Ken Gurnick, who covers the Dodgers beat for, used his off day article space to write about the new Dodger we haven't met yet, Carl Crawford.

"I've talked to Matt [Kemp] about it. He wants to win a championship so bad. His enthusiasm makes me want to come out and play and do it for him. I've worked with Andre at API [training center in Arizona] for years. It will be exciting to be playing with superstars like Kemp, with the new ownership there."

Finally, Mark Simon of analyzes the recent statistics of Matt Kemp to characterize his recent slump.

Since returning on August 31 after three days off following an injury when he ran into the fence trying to make a play, Kemp has seen more changeups than any hitter in baseball. His last hit against one came on August 8.