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42 Trailer: Jackie Robinson Movie Preview

No matter how the Dodgers fare in their final 12 regular season games, the franchise will always have Jackie Robinson. Next April 12, Warner Bros. is releasing 42, a movie about the Hall of Famer and baseball pioneer. The trailer has been released, with a hat tip to Jon Weisman.

Harrison Ford plays Branch Rickey, and Chadwick Boseman plays Robinson. John C. McGinley plays Red Barber in the film, which was written and directed by Brian Helgeland, who also wrote the screenplay for L.A. Confidential and Man on Fire, among others.

"You give me the uniform, and a number on my back, and I'll give you the guts," Robinson says to Rickey in the trailer. Yeah, I'll be seeing this movie.

The release is three days before the anniversary of Robinson's 1947 debut. The Dodgers are scheduled to host the San Diego Padres on April 15 on Jackie Robinson Day at Dodger Stadium.