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A Sneak Peak At The New Look Of True Blue LA

A few weeks back I showed you the new True Blue LA logo. That is just a small part of the change the site will undergo as a part of SB Nation United. Very shortly, True Blue LA will have a new layout. Here is one example:


It is important to note that while yes, these changes will take some time getting used to, ultimately they are for the better. The design is more clutter free than the current site, and gives us the flexibility to move some things around, to keep posts at the top of the page if relevant.

More importantly, you will still get the same content as usual here at True Blue LA, just packaged a little differently. Under SB Nation United, the sites will load faster so even Xeifrank's Commodore 64 will be able to handle it with ease.

The sites will run more seamlessly on mobile phones and tablets, and the fundamental nature of the community will not go away. Fan posts and fan shots are still encouraged, and game threads will not go anywhere.

The new site gives us much more flexibility editorially, which will allow us to bring you all the Dodgers news and analysis you can find, now even faster, and organized in a more efficient way.

I thank you in advance for your patience as we go through this design change, and hope you will continue to be a part of the community we have developed here at True Blue LA.

Here are a few more sample screen shots of what the new site will look like (click to enlarge in a new tab/window):