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True Blue LA: The Future Is Coming

In the coming days and weeks, both True Blue LA and SB Nation as a whole will be undergoing a complete design makeover. That means changes to the layout, and the look and feel of the site, but I have seen a few screen shots of the new design and it looks pretty cool.

The first level of change is a redesigned logo for True Blue LA.


Within about a month, SB Nation will become SB Nation United, with a similar visual feel across all sites, and with various upgrades that will only enhance our ability to bring you the latest and greatest in coverage of the Dodgers.

"A new visual identity here and across the network is only one step we are taking to unite our network of sites. United through individuality is the underlying theme of this project," said SB Nation founder Tyler Bleszinski. "You’ll notice that our team colors and the unique spirit of our individual community is maintained while making it clear to sports fans that each site is a part of the larger SB Nation network."

If you want to see logos of other SB Nation sites, you can visit