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Dodgers move to tiered individual game pricing

Individual game tickets go on sale on Saturday, Jan. 26, and will be priced on four levels depending on the opponent, the day of the week, and giveaways.

Kevork Djansezian

The Dodgers on Monday announced that individual ticket prices in 2013 will be based on a tiered hierarchy of games, from one to four stars. Tickets for home games against the Yankees and Red Sox, as well as opening day against the Giants, are considered a part of the top tier and will be priced significantly higher.

Individual game tickets are on sale beginning Jan. 26 at 10 a.m. PT, the same day that Fan Fest will take place at Dodger Stadium. Season ticket holders can take part in select-a-seat events on Thursday and Friday.

The Dodgers noted in a release that this is the first time in "several years" that the club has made all regular season home games available for purchase on an individual basis.

The tiers of games at Dodger Stadium is broken down as follows:

  • Four-star (6 games): Tickets ranging from $30 to $160
  • Three-star (26 games): $20 to $120
  • Two-star (33 games): $10 to $115
  • One-star (17 games): $8 to $100

The six four-star games are Apr. 1 against the Giants, July 30-31 against the Yankees, and Aug. 23-25 against the Red Sox.

The three-star games include five games against the Giants, including Apr. 3 during the opening series. There are eight Saturday home games in the three-star games, one Friday game (Sept. 13 vs. San Francisco) and one Sunday contest (May 12 against the Marlins). All 11 bobblehead games are three-star games.

The two-star contests include 11 Friday games, 10 Sunday games, and four Saturday games.

One of the one-star games is the lone home exhibition game against the Angels on Friday, Mar. 29. Another one-star game is Sunday, Sept. 1 against the Padres. The remaining one-star games are either Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday.

More information on individual game tickets can be found here.