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Vin Scully talks Hall of Fame, the DH, a Dodgers/Angels World Series, and more

The legendary Dodgers broadcaster took 20 minutes to speak with Angels play-by-play man Victor Rojas on a variety of topics.

Stephen Dunn

On Tuesday, Angels play-by-play broadcaster Victor Rojas called Vin Scully, and the two talked for 20 minutes. Luckily for us, Rojas recorded the conversation and shared the transcription on his blog. Scully opined on various subjects, including the Hall of Fame, the designated hitter, receiving the Executive Leadership Award at last weekend's annual Baseball Scouts Foundation dinner.

Scully also talked about the renovations at Dodger Stadium:

I was only over there once and they had just torn out the seats behind home and down the baseline, so I haven’t really seen it. I do know (I’ve been told) that they have spent over $100 million to refurbish the ballpark itself for the fans, that means the restrooms as well, and the clubhouses are being done over and of course the big thing are the two message boards, one in left field and one in right. So I think they’ve really spent a lot of money on the field and off the field to provide fans a greater experience. And when people ask me, ‘how do you think the Dodgers are going to do this year?’ I now have a stock answer and the answer is, ‘I hope they get their money’s worth.’

Scully, who will enter his 64th season behind the mic for the Dodgers in 2013, also put his life and career in proper perspective.

"I do know that I have spent a great number of yesterdays," Scully told Rojas. "I know my tomorrows are limited and we will just treasure them one at a time and see how it plays out."

Take some time to enjoy the whole interview. It's a fun read.