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1988 Dodgers player profile: Danny Heep, one of the Stunt Men

Danny Heep never was as effective as he was as a Met but he still started a game in the 1988 World Series.

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Danny Heep has a World Series ring from his time with the Dodgers but he didn't have a lot of success. He is one of five position players with more than 250 plate appearances as a Dodger without a home run (Jamey Carroll leads the way, with Chad Fonville, Billy North, and Bob Bailor as the others).

But he did have a few moments and was a treasured member of the Stunt Men.

How acquired: Danny Heep was a free agent signing for the 1987 season but he wasn't signed until June. Heep told Sam McManis of the Los Angeles Times in February 1988 about that experience.

Well, I'm trying to forget it and start over," said Heep, who had a single Sunday in a Dodger intra-squad game. "I still sometimes think to myself, what could I have done to change things last season? The answer is nothing, so I try not to worry about it."

Prior MLB experience: Danny Heep was drafted by the Houston Astros in the 1978 draft. From 1979 - 1981, he played both in the minors and majors. After playing his first full season with the Astros in 1982, he was traded to the Mets for a 27 year old right-handed pitcher named Mike Scott. Heep went on to his most successful part of his career, he hit .263/.340/.390 with 21 home runs in 1054 PA. In the Mets' World Series winning year, he hit .282 with a .379 OBP in 227 PA.

1988 age: 30

1988 stats: Hit .242/.341/.255 with two doubles and 11 RBI.

Regular season game of the year: Heep went 3 for 4 in a 8-5 win over the Pirates on May 4, 1988. Heep also was one of the rare position players who pitched in a game that season, the Dodgers were down 12-4 and their last 3 relievers had lasted 2.1 innings and given up 9 earned runs. Heep pitched 2 innings, gave 2 runs on a 2-run home run by Ken Caminiti.

NLCS performance: Heep didn't see much action, his highlight was a pinch-hit walk in the 7th inning during Game 4.

World Series performance: Heep got the majority of his plate appearances in Games 3 and 4, where he had a single hit in each game. He was left stranded at third in Game 3 and was thrown out trying to steal in Game 4.

Post-1988 playing career: Heep became a free agent after the 1988 season, signing with the Red Sox. He had a good season in 1989, hitting .300 with a .356 OBP in 355 PA. In 1990, he had a poor season in 78 PA he hit only .174

He would play a few games for the Braves in 1991 before retiring, he did go out with a bang, going 5 for 13 before hanging it up.

Where he is now: In 1992, Danny Heep joined the coaching staff of University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio, Texas. He is now the head coach and had led the school to two league titles.