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Ariel Sandoval signs with Dodgers for a reported $150,000

The 17-year old outfielder signed for a reported $150,000.

"I'll take it."
"I'll take it."

The Dodgers added to their international scouting staff late in 2012, and the new group has apparently made their first big move on the amateur side. The Dodgers have signed 17-year-old Dominican center fielder Ariel Sandoval, per Ben Badler of Baseball America.

Sandoval was signed for a reported $150,000 bonus, and per Badler the outfielder has been training in Haina with Jaime Ozuna.

"Sandoval is 6-foot-2, 180 pounds and impressed the Dodgers with his potential to hit for both average and power from the right side of the plate," Badler wrote. "He's an above-average runner who should begin his career in center field, though he has the arm strength to play right field if he outgrows the position."

The Dodgers hired Bob Engle as vice president of international scouting on Nov. 1, and two weeks later brought along several international scouts who worked with Engle in Seattle, including Latin American coordinator Patrick Guerrero.