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Hanley Ramirez will start NLCS Game 6 after all

The Dodgers made a lineup change less than an hour before the start of Game 6 at Busch Stadium.

Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Remember back when Hanley Ramirez wasn't going to start Game 6? Well, plans have changed. Ramirez is back in the Dodgers' lineup against the Cardinals on Friday night, batting cleanup.

Earlier on Friday, manager Don Mattingly didn't sound optimistic that Ramirez would be able to pinch hit in Game 6. But he left open the possibility of changing the lineup.

"We're hoping he'll be available to pinch hit.  Obviously, we didn't feel like he could swing right now or we'd have him in there," Mattingly told reporters. "I told some of the radio guys before I had come in, if something would change before game time, we'd switch up.  All of a sudden he's trying to do things and he could get loose, he may be in there.  But I don't anticipate that.

"I expected yesterday off and kind of a full day today, that he'd be a little better.  But I think maybe the lack of activity may even have just gotten stiffer or tighter.  He didn't really say anything like that.  Just more that he feels worse today than did he yesterday."

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Time: 5:37 p.m.


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