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Charley Steiner back on TV in 2014, per report

Steiner will be in his 10th season with the Dodgers next year, and will reportedly add TV duties to his workload, as he did from 2005-2008, per a report from the Orange County Register.

Kevork Djansezian

The Dodgers' broadcasting situation for 2014 is starting to become a bit more clear. They will have a new network in SportsNet LA, and when Vin Scully stays home for road games east of Arizona Charley Steiner will shift over from radio to television play-by-play, per T.J. Simers of the Orange County Register.

It was reported last week that both Eric Collins and Steve Lyons, who called the non-Vin TV games for the Dodgers from 2009-2013, wouldn't be back in 2014.

The Dodgers have yet to make an official announcement regarding their 2014 broadcast team, other than Scully returning for his 65th season behind the mic. Scully calls Dodgers home games plus any road games in California or Arizona. In 2013, Collins and Lyons called 47 games.

Steiner joined the Dodgers in 2005, and in his first four seasons with Los Angeles he called the non-Scully television games with Lyons, in addition to his radio duties with Rick Monday for all other games.

But what is more interesting about Simers' report is who the Dodgers are targeting to join Steiner as analyst:

The team is still looking for an analyst to join Steiner, already approaching Orel Hershiser to see if there’s any interest.

Eric Karros would be perfect.

Hershiser is part of ESPN Sunday Night Baseball's three-man television broadcast team, teamed with Dan Shulman and John Kruk. Shulman and Hershiser are calling games for ESPN Radio through the postseason and form arguably the best announcing duo in the sport.

Karros would be a solid choice as well, currently an analyst and studio host with Fox, and could be in line to replace Tim McCarver on the network's top team. Karros also co-hosted "Think Blue TV," the Dodgers pregame show on several KCAL broadcasts.

It's hard to see how either would leave lucrative national jobs for the Dodgers, but maybe the reduced schedule and some flexibility allowing them to continue with either ESPN or Fox could help seal the deal.

In addition to hiring an analyst to work with Steiner on TV, the Dodgers will likely hire a fill-in to work with Monday on radio for games Steiner shifts broadcasts booths. I have no idea if he's available, but I always enjoyed Jerry Reuss in that role (from 2006-08), and his rapport with Monday, a Dodgers teammate for six seasons, is fantastic.