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NLDS odds: Dodgers favored to advance

A $16 bet on the Dodgers to beat the Braves in the NLDS would yield a $10 profit with a Los Angeles series triumph.


The latest World Series and MLB playoff odds have been released by Bovada, and the Dodgers remain the favorite among National League teams to win the World Series. Logically, they are also favored by the sports book to beat the Braves in the NLDS.

The two most favored World Series exact matchups are Dodgers vs. Red Sox (13/2 odds) and Dodgers vs. Tigers (7/1).

The Dodgers have 9/2 odds to win the World Series, trailing only the Red Sox (15/4) as favorites in MLB. The Tigers are next at 19/4 odds, followed by the Cardinals at 11/2 and the Braves at 7/1.

Odds to win the National League pennant begin with the Dodgers at 9/5, followed by the Cardinals at 2/1, the Braves at 13/4 and the Pirates at 4/1.

The Dodgers are -160 favorites to beat the Braves in the NLDS, meaning a $16 bet if won will net a $10 profit. The Braves are +140 in the series, meaning a $10 bet would win $14.

Bovada offers 5/2 odds that the series will last exactly three games, 3/2 odds for a four-game series, and 7/5 odds for the full five games.

There are four individual prop bets for which player will have the most hits, runs and RBI (total of all three categories) in the series:

  • Yasiel Puig (-130) vs. Freddie Freeman (even)
  • Adrian Gonzalez (-130) vs. Justin Upton (even)
  • Hanley Ramirez (-140) vs. Chris Johnson (+110)
  • Carl Crawford (-130) vs. Jason Heyward (even)

The over/under for strikeouts in Game 1 are seven for Clayton Kershaw and 5½ for Kris Medlen.