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Dodgers offer free parking for carpools

Cars with four or more people can park for free at Dodger Stadium for all remaining postseason games.

Kevork Djansezian

LOS ANGELES -- In an effort to ease the traffic and parking congestion at Dodger Stadium, the Dodgers will offer free general parking for all remaining postseason home games for cars with four or more people. The Dodgers will open parking lot gates and stadium turnstiles a full three hours before game time for all remaining home games.

The National League Championship Series will open Friday, and the Dodgers will either host the Pirates Friday and Saturday in Los Angeles or will host the Cardinals Monday, Tuesday and possibly Wednesday. The Pirates and Cardinals will finish their NLDS on Wednesday night in St. Louis, to decide the Dodgers' next opponent.

"We know we had a parking issue during our recent National League Division Series win against Atlanta," said Dodgers official Renata Simril in a statement. "We parked more than 20,000 cars and several hundred fans were unable to park at Dodger Stadium last Monday night. We reached our capacity and some fans without parking passes were directed off-site. We were very sorry about inconveniencing these fans and felt we needed to do something to address this problem."

Here was the scene from Monday night, from David Young:

The Dodgers also encourage using public transportation, such as the shuttle that runs from Union Station to Dodger Stadium, and is free to anyone with a ticket to the game. The shuttle runs from three hours before each game through 90 minutes after the game.