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Video: A.J. Ellis interview on Intentional Talk

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The Dodgers catcher had a must-watch interview on Wednesday on MLB Network.

Dodgers catcher A.J. Ellis was a guest on Wednesday on Intentional Talk on MLB Network, and his interview with Chris Rose and Kevin Millar was hilarious.

It was funny enough when Ellis was ripping Zack Greinke's fantasy team, Nick Punto's height, or Magic Johnson wearing a speedo if the Dodgers win the World Series. But the interview reached another level when Ellis attempted play-by-play of the home run by Juan Uribe from Monday, and threw in a sarcastic shout out to Uribe's two failed bunt attempts.

"The bunt does not pay off. You never bunt in baseball anymore, that's what all the sabermetric people tell me. Stop bunting. No more bunting, only pitchers bunt," Ellis said, smirking. "Listen to me Don Mattingly, no more bunting."

Mattingly, watching the interview live, came out to the Dodgers dugout, where Ellis was being filmed. The manager told Ellis that because of his anti-bunting rant he would bench Ellis and start Tim Federowicz in Game 1 of the NLCS. Mattingly laughed then raised his arms as he walked away.

Ellis also had a call back to Intentional Talk interviews earlier in the season with Punto and Skip Schumaker, when Schumaker's wife was the subject, thanks to Punto claiming she was his first kiss.

"She brought this team together," Ellis joked. "I don't like to put it out there, but Lindsay Schumaker and the Schumaker household is probably getting multiple shares this postseason."