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2013 Dodgers review: Elian Herrera

In 2012, the multi-postioned Elian Herrera played and started in the infield and outfield for the Dodgers, in 2013, he spent a few days with the Dodgers, starting once in the OF.


Elian Herrera did not have the opportunities in 2013 that he had the prior year. And that probably is a gross understatement since he had only 8 plate appearances in 2013; in 2012 he had 214.

What went right

Elian Herrera made 3 trips to the Dodgers in 2013, none lasted as long as even a week at a time. During that time, he played in 4 games, starting once. He did leadoff the inning (and struck out) when with 2 out, Yasiel Puig hit a walkoff home run against the Cincinnati Reds.

What went wrong

With a surplus of outfielders and infielders on the 25-man roster, Herrera never had much of chance to play for the Dodgers this season and he wasn't recalled for the September drive. After the season he was placed on waivers and was claimed by the Milwaukee Brewers.

2014 status

Herrera is currently on the Milwaukee Brewer 40-man roster, he has one more option year left.