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Dodgers full postseason share is $108,037

Dodgers players awarded 58 full postseason shares, 11.5 partial shares and eight cash awards.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Spor

LOS ANGELES -- Major League Baseball announced the 2013 postseason shares on Wednesday, split from the players pool of $62,683,966.80. The Dodgers, who advanced to the NLCS, had a full share value of $108,037.06.

The Dodgers' split of the total pool was 12%, or $7,522,076.02, same as the Tigers, who lost the ALCS to the Red Sox. Each team can split the total as they see fit, and the Dodgers awarded 58 full shares, 11.5 partial shares, and eight cash awards.

While $108,000 might not seem like much to someone making eight figures, it represents a pretty hefty bonus of 22% for example to Paco Rodriguez, who at $491,500 made slightly over the league minimum salary of $490,000 in 2013.

The players pool is derived from a split of the gate receipts in postseason play, with 50% of each Wild Card Game; 60% of each of the first three games of each Division Series; 60% of each of the first four games of each League Championship Series; and 60% of the gate receipts of the first four games of the World Series.

The World Series champion Red Sox got 36% of the pool and had a full share value of $307,322.68. The runner-up Cardinals got 24% and a full share value of $228,300.17.

The remainder of the pool is split up with 3.25% going to each of the four losing teams in the Division Series, and 1.5% each to the losing teams in both Wild Card Games.