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2013 Dodgers review: Matt Guerrier

Year three of Matt Guerrier's Dodger career lasted until July when he was dealt to Chicago Cubs for Carlos Marmol.


Matt Guerrier pitched in some high leverage situations for the 2013 Dodgers but as the season wore on, he moved farther back in the bullpen hierarchy.

What went right

Guerrier did record two wins and three holds with the Dodgers, his Dodger highlight was being the winning pitcher due to Juan Uribe hitting a pinch-hit home run that beat the San Diego Padres On April 11, aka the Carlos Quentin taking out Zack Greinke game.

What went wrong

Guerrier's last Dodger appearance occurred in a 16-1 loss to the Philadelphia Phillies (during the 42-8 run), he gave up four hits, two walks, and three runs in 1⅓ innings.

But that wasn't his low point of the year, after pitching well for the Cubs in July (in 13 games, Guerrier had a 2.38 ERA in 11⅓ innings), Guerrier injured his right elbow and had surgery that will sideline him until the first part of the 2014 season.

2014 status

The nine-year veteran Guerrier is a free agent and recovering from surgery as he looks for a new team for 2014.