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2013 Dodgers review: Hyun-jin Ryu

A question mark at the beginning of the season, Ryu made 30 starts, pitched 192 innings and was a solid contributor in his first year with the Dodgers.

Jeff Gross

18 years after the Dodgers signed Chan Ho Park, the Dodgers announced Hyun-jin Ryu's signing. At his opening press conference in December 2012, Ryu was aware

"I have learned how to play Chan Ho's game, and it's an honor to play with the Dodgers," Ryu said through an interpreter. "I will do my best to follow Chan Ho's record here."

What went right

Ryu made 30 starts, averaged over six innings per start, his strikeout-to-walk ratio was better than three to one.  He had only one successful stolen base attempt (out of only three attempted steals, plus one pick-off).  He had 22 quality starts and was among the league leaders with 26 double play ground balls.

At Dodger Stadium Ryu was great all season, at 7-4 with a 2.32 ERA, with 79 strikeouts and 21 walks in 97 innings, and 13 quality starts in his 15 home outings.

Ryu also started one game in each playoff series, Game 3 in both the NLDS and NLCS. The Dodgers won both games, with Ryu having his best post-season start against the Cardinals.

What went wrong

Ryu was pretty consistent throughout the season, but allowed 17 runs in the first inning for a 5.10 ERA. He also allowed seven of his 15 home runs in the opening frame.

Also, the Dodgers may have won Game 3 of the NLDS against the Braves, but that was Ryu's worst start of the year. He allowed four runs and six hits in his three innings, and admitted to being nervous in his first MLB playoff game.

2014 status

Ryu is already talking about what he plans to do in 2014. Ryu will be in the second year of a six-year contract, and will make $3.5 million plus any incentives he might earn due to innings pitched ($250,000 for reaching of 170, 180, 190, and 200 innings). He will also be paid $2.5 million of his signing bonus on April 1.