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2013 Dodgers review: Hanley Ramirez

In a season bookended by injuries, Hanley Ramirez put up MVP numbers when he could play and Dodgers look forward to similar production in a less-injured 2014.

Stephen Dunn

Hanley Ramirez was often the best player on the field when he played but due to an unfortunate hit by pitch in the 2013 National League Championship Series, Ramirez didn't get a chance to shine at the end of the season.

What went right

Ramirez started playing regularly when the Dodgers were in New York to play the Yankees in mid-June. Though he would have a few breaks to recover and rest from the ills that plagued him in 2013, his season numbers were remarkable, in 336 PA, he hit .345/.402/.638, with a 190 OPS+. He had 25 doubles, two triples and 20 home runs in those 86 games (77 starts, nine pinch-hit appearances). In the NLDS, he was a dominant hitter, .500/.556/1.063 with a home run, four doubles and a triple among his eight total hits in those four games.

Despite fighting through numerous injuries in September, Ramirez hit .370/.462/.704 in the season's final month and had four hits and two home runs in the Dodgers' division-clinching games in Arizona:

What went wrong

Playing only 86 games is a start. He missed nearly all of April and May due to first a torn ligament to his thumb, an injury he suffered in the championship game in the World Baseball Classic. AT&T Park was the site of that game and it was also the site where Ramirez strained his hamstring in early May that put him out of action until June. While he did not go unscathed for the rest of the season, the Dodgers managed his condition to get him to the post-season.

In Game 1 of the NLCS, he was hit in the ribs by Joe Kelly and it was later diagnosed as a fracture. That injury hindered Ramirez for the remainder of that series and he was unable to duplicate his NLDS success.

2014 status

Ramirez, who turns 30 on December 23, will be entering 2014 on the last year of his contract, he is scheduled to make $16 million next season.