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2013 Dodgers review: Chad Billingsley

A look back at the 2013 season for the 2003 first round pick.

Doug Pensinger

For the second straight season, Chad Billingsley dealt with injuries. But 2013 was much worse than 2012 for the right-hander.

What went right?

His two starts in 2013. That's really it. After a partial tear in his UCL knocked him out for the end of the 2012 season, Billingsley believed he could avoid Tommy John and return to full strength in 2013. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. But in his two starts for the Dodgers in 2013, the right-hander looked very good.

Billingsley went 1-0 in his two starts and finished with a 3.00 ERA in 12 innings. The right-hander struck out six and walked five. But that's all he had in him this season.

On April 10th, in his first start of 2013, Billingsley looked like he was going to have a great season. He gave up one earned run on five hits over six innings.

What went wrong?

He missed nearly the entire season. It's as simple as that. In his two starts, Billingsley looked very good. But unfortunately, his partially torn UCL wouldn't let him pitch more than that.

2014 status

Billingsley decided to have surgery back in late April, and back then the estimated recovery time was pegged at 12 months. That means the 29-year-old should be back by mid-May assuming he doesn't have any setbacks. But when he comes back, he'll have to fight for the final spot in the rotation with Josh Beckett. Clayton Kershaw, Zack Greinke, and Hyun-jin Ryu fill out the top three spots in the rotation, with new Dodgers' starter Dan Haren most likely filling in as the fourth starter.