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Five years is a long time

Jon SooHoo | LA Dodgers

I was reminded by Phil Gurnee and Craig Minami that today marks the fifth anniversary of my very first post at True Blue LA. My goodness, how time flies.

That was a post — full of liberal line spacing — issuing a challenge to the Dodgers, for all eight position players to walk at least 50 times in 2009, something that only one National League team in the previous 50 years had accomplished. That challenged morphed into a fundraising endeavor, and when the Dodgers did meet the demand we raised as a group over $1,000 for Think Cure.

The five years here have been great, and wonderful, and has opened up a world for me that I never thought possible. I have written literally thousands of posts since that first one, and am amazed at the growth of True Blue LA as a site and as a community.

I love it. Thank you all for reading and making this site the awesome place that it is.

We're not just a blog anymore. You can follow along on Twitter or on Facebook, the latter which I probably don't promote or mention enough.

Speaking of social media...

The Dodgers announced on Thursday that Dodger Stadium in 2013 was the most checked-in sports venue in the United States, per Facebook, and the fourth-most checked-in location in the country.

On Instagram, Dodger Stadium was the eighth-most Instagrammed location in 2013.

The Dodgers also ranked first in MLB in engagement per fan on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr during the 2013 season, measured by social interaction per post.