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2013 Dodgers review: Yasiel Puig

A look back at the 2013 season for the Cuban sensation.


Yasiel Puig had an incredible rookie year for the Dodgers.

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What went right?

Everything. Well, almost everything. Puig's fantastic rookie campaign started on June 3rd after he was called up from Double-A Chattanooga. When he arrived in Los Angeles, the Cuban outfielder took off and never looked back.

At the plate, Puig finished with a slash line of .319/.391/.534. The rookie also finished with 19 homers, 42 RBI, and 66 runs in 104 games.

Puig hit four home runs in his first five games in the big leagues, and in his first month in MLB he hit .436/.467/.713 with seven home runs. He won both Rookie of the Month and Player of the Month in the National League in June.

His major league batting average didn't dip below .400 until his 35th game, and it never fell below the .319 mark he finished at.

Puig's offensive production helped him finish second in the National League Rookie of the Year voting and 15th in the NL MVP race. When he was first called up, he didn't walk too often. But as the season progressed, the outfielder slowly improved his pitch selection and finished with 36 walks to go along with 97 strikeouts. Throughout his time in Los Angeles, Puig continually provided some late-game heroics.

But Puig didn't just dominate at the plate. While he did make a lot of mistakes, the young outfielder continually made impressive plays in right field.

What went wrong?

The biggest issues with Puig's rookie season involved rookie mistakes. The outfielder misplayed balls in the outfield, over threw cutoff men, and ran into a lot of outfield walls.

Puig was pulled from a game and benched for poor preparedness and effort on Aug. 28 against the Cubs.

On the base paths, Puig was very aggressive, which sometimes caused him to run into outs. He was caught stealing in eight of his 19 attempts, and picked off two more times as well. He led the team with 11 outs on the bases (which doesn't include stolen base attempts).

But in the end, more went right for Puig than wrong in 2013.

2014 Status

He will play in the Dodgers' outfield, somewhere. While rumors have circulated that Los Angeles could trade one of its four outfielders, there is almost no way the outfielder to get traded is Puig. He just turned 23 and it doesn't look like he'll do anything but improve in the future.