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True Blue LA podcast: Winter meetings Day 1

Jacob Burch and I talk Brian Wilson, Dodgers rumors, 2014 broadcast team and more on the latest edition of the podcast, the first of two planned episodes this week.

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The first day of the winter meetings has come and gone, so Jacob Burch and I recapped the latest Dodgers news of the day, which is mostly rumors at this point.

Old friend Jamey Wright is reportedly choosing between the Rays and Dodgers, and if he chooses Los Angeles would be the long man that Ned Colletti mentioned on Saturday. Matt Kemp's name keeps coming up in rumors, as does David Price. Jacob and I play a game of percentages that should be called "Just how wrong will Eric be" in thinking about potential roster moves and/or changes that aren't made.

We talked about the re-signing of Brian Wilson, the additions of Orel Hershiser, Nomar Garciaparra and Alanna Rizzo to the 2014 broadcast crew, and smiled as we talked about Jon Weisman getting hired by the Dodgers as new director of print and digital content.

We only got one question - well, one group of questions - this episode, but we plan to record a winter meetings wrap-up later this week. To send us questions, be sure to email us at

The podcast is on iTunes. If you have time, please rate and write a review of the show. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated. Thanks again for listening.

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