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Never been prouder of TBLA

TBLA members should be patting themselves on the back this morning.

As Eric is driving to Camelback today, he can be comforted in knowing that TBLA members sent him out in style. In the past we have had some half ass attempts to raise some money for Eric, and while last year was a success, this year has blown our minds.

With two different ways to donate, many of you took the time to donate between .04 and $200, and every penny will be appreciated, though some pennies will be appreciated more than others

Originally we setup a PayPal account for you to donate to Eric, but this year we also created a gofundme site for those without PayPal accounts. Our original goal for the gofundme site was $500 and I'm happy to report that we almost doubled that with $900. Even better, Eric's PayPal account was even more, so the success of this webdrive has been outstanding.

Hat tip to all of you who helped out.