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Jerry Buss dies: Dodgers react to passing of Lakers owner

Stan Kasten and Don Mattingly were asked about the passing of Laker owner Jerry Buss this morning also statements via Twitter from Dodger owner and Laker great Magic Johnson and from the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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Stan Kasten - (Atlanta Hawks GM in 1979, the year Buss became the owner of the Lakers, later became team president) - "[knew Jerry Buss] a long time. I was there when he was voted into the NBA, I was there at Amelia Island, I remember it like yesterday. I think a role model for all owners. Great longtime friend, figured out so many things about our sport before other owners did. Even coming in as a new guy he figured out things, economics of the game, presentation of the game. And just as a human being, the ultimate class act. A role model of sports for all sports."

Don Mattingly - "for me, being from the outside, you hear the respect from the players, the way they talked about him, for me that tells me the story."

Dodger owner and Laker great Magic Johnson tweeted:

Dodgers also sent out their statement on their Twitter account: