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True Blue LA podcast, episode 6: Email extravaganza

Jacob Burch and Eric Stephen talk about several topics from the first week of spring training and delve into the outfield in the longest episode yet.

Episode six of the podcast is here, and it is the longest one yet. Jacob Burch and I discuss a variety of topics, including the first week of spring training, the growing phenomenon that is Hyun-jin Ryu, Zack Greinke's sense of humor, the outfield situation, the non-news of Clayton Kershaw's contract situation, plus a review of the Mike Piazza vs. Vin Scully kerfuffle.

We also answer several emails, after quite an amazing rush of questions. Thanks to everyone who sent in questions, and remember you can always send podcast questions to

The show also features my lame attempt at a joke, which required quite a bit of editing to make work after several technical errors on my part. But if you remember one thing from this episode, it's that Jacob drinks beer from a goblet.

The podcast is on iTunes. If you have time, please rate and write a review of the show.

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