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Andre Ethier injury: Dodgers right fielder scratched vs. Angels with callus

Ethier has a callus on his right hand, the same injury he suffered in August 2012. Yasiel Puig will start in his place for the Dodgers in Tempe against the Angels.


Friday has been a busy day involving the three starting outfielders for the Dodgers. Matt Kemp is playing for the first time all spring, Carl Crawford is out a week, and now Andre Ethier has been scratched from the lineup on Friday with a blister on his right hand.

"It's kind of a callus that turned into nastiness last year by not paying attention. I don't want to do that again," said manager Don Mattingly. "It's starting to get big. They're trying to let it dry out, and not let it turn into what it turned into last year."

Last year, Ethier suffered what Mattingly called a "monster blister" in August, which grew to be the size of a quarter.

Ethier was slated to play right field and bat third for the Dodgers split squad in Tempe on Friday against the Angels. Yasiel Puig, who was scheduled to play in reserve after Ethier, will now start in his place.

Mattingly said if this were a regular season game Ethier would play, but given the luxury of spring training and a full month before opening day, the team is playing it cautiously.

"He could play, but it doesn't make a lot of sense right now," Mattingly said.