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Matt Kemp video: MLB 13 The Show video game

Matt Kemp put up a season with 62 home runs and 64 stolen bases last year, so why wasn't he impressed?

Matt Kemp may not have hit 50 home runs nor steal 50 bases in 2012, as he jokingly predicted during spring training last year. Or did he?

In the latest installment of the MLB 13 The Show video game commercial, the inept host congratulates Kemp for blowing past the milestones with a 62-homer, 64-steal campaign.

"You did it!" the host exclaims.

Much like The Show commercial chastising Giants catcher Buster Posey for grounding into a double play to end Game 7 in the Tigers' favor ("Look at it this way, you'll be a hero in Detroit."), Kemp reminds the host that it's just a video game.

"It's a video of a game," says the host, followed by what appears to be a long staring contest. "I'm sorry, I just got lost in your eyes."

It's a decently funny commercial, and it's always good to see a Dodger in a national advertising campaign.