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Carl Crawford tentatively scheduled to DH Sunday for Dodgers

The left fielder could make his debut in a Dodgers uniform as early as Sunday against Milwaukee at Camelback Ranch.

Rob Tringali

The Dodgers could get a lineup boost as early as Sunday, as Carl Crawford is tentatively scheduled to be the designated hitter on Sunday against the Brewers at Camelback Ranch. It would mark the first game in a Dodger uniform for Crawford, who had Tommy John surgery on Aug. 23.

On Friday night manager Don Mattingly said Crawford could play in a game "soon," and that soon could be as soon as Sunday, health permitting.

Crawford has been hitting in batting practice daily since Mar. 1, and got a total of 13 plate appearances on the minor league side on Thursday and Friday. Crawford also played catch the last two days as well, his first time throwing in over two weeks. Crawford will play in a minor league game again on Saturday at Camelback Ranch.

"He's sore leg-wise today. He's only going to get three at-bats today," Mattingly said. "It's really more of a first time he's played soreness. If everything goes well with that and he comes tomorrow and is good, we're going to DH him."

After Sunday, the Dodgers play five home games in six days, plus another game in an American League park against the Royals Wednesday in Surprise, so there are ample opportunities for Crawford to DH if the Dodgers so choose. As the home team, they would get to dictate whether or not a designated hitter is used.