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2013 Dodgers player profile: Yasiel Puig, best spring training ever

Yasiel Puig went from why, to what, to who, to wow in a short span of months but does his electrifying spring equate to playing in Dodger Stadium in April?

Yasiel Puig hits his second spring training home run
Yasiel Puig hits his second spring training home run
Dustin Nosler Feelin Kinda Blue

As you can see by the amount of previous stories that have been written, there really isn't that much more to be said about Yasiel Puig.

I am not eating a hat like Eric if he makes the roster in April but with Crawford beginning to get into games, it just seems that at least initially, Puig will make his home in the Southern League. The Southern League should be a good test for him as not many players with a handful of minor league plate appearances start their first full season there.

But he has certainly impressed anyone who has had the opportunity to see him in person and if he does do well in AA, that Dodger investment in him will begin to look really good.


42 home runs is the most hit by a player born in Cuba, in this case, Sandy Amoros, during his career with the Dodgers.

Contract Status

Puig was signed to a 7-year major league contract in June 2012. He is scheduled to make $2 million this season. He still has two options.


Year Age PA HR
2012 (Rookie/High A)
21 95 5 20 15 .354 .442 .634 ----
2012 (Puerto Rico) 22 76 1 6 9 .232 .308 .333 ----
2013 (Spring Training) 22 43 2 11 8 .452 .442 .667 ----
2013 Projections - Age 22 Season
Year PA HR
Oliver 345 10 41 40 .252 .305 .416 .311
Pecota 250 4 30 21 .223 ---- ---- ----

2013 Outlook

The question isn't really will Puig play in LA this season as much as when will it happen. The Dodger pattern has been to not bring up their prospects unless there is an opportunity to play so it is difficult to say but I think one of the three, (Crawford, Kemp or Ethier) will go down for a couple of weeks and that Puig will get called up, I say 152 PA, 6 home runs, 5 stolen bases and .270/.310/.475

What is your guess for Puig? Be sure to guess BA/OBP/SLG, home runs, stolen bases, outfield assists, and any other thing you wish to guess.