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2013 Dodger player profile: Dee Gordon, becoming a baseball player

A year ago, Dee Gordon was riding high, he had really good close to the 2011 season and then he had a really good spring training. But slumps at the plate and the on the field challenged the young shortstop and then two things, an injury but more so, the arrival of Hanley Ramirez put a question mark on his current status


Dee Gordon understood his situation from his first day at Camelback last February. When asked about his injury and what happened next in 2012, Gordon said "that was my first time being hurt for an extended time, definitely tough," Gordon added "I came back to a different situation. It is what it is. There's a business part, but I am a man and you got to handle stuff as a professional."

Don Mattingly still spoke highly about Gordon but he wanted to see something different this spring from him. "The thing we asking from Gordon this year is we want to see a baseball player," Mattingly said. "The thing I told [Gordon] is that when they quit talking about how fast you are and say this kid is a baseball player, we will be in great shape."

Mattingly added this thought, "I know for my myself and the organization's standpoint, we still have a lot of confidence in Dee, in what he can do and what he's going to do,"


Since 2000, only Jacoby Ellsbury (59 stolen bases) has more steals than Gordon's 56 in their first two seasons and less than 800 PA, Gordon only has 563 PA, which 211 PA less than Ellsbury.

Contract Status

Dodgers renewed Gordon's contract for $501,000, that amount will change if Gordon gets optioned during the season.

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Year Age PA HR
2011 (Albuquerque AAA) 23 313 0 51 24 .333 .373 .410 .352
2011 Los Angeles 23 233 0 34 11 .304 .325 .362 .448
2012 Los Angeles 24 330 1 38 17 .228 .280 .281 .253
2013 Projections - Age 25 Season
Year PA HR
Oliver 567 2 70 36 .263 .310 .340 .287
Pecota 63 0 7 4 .251 .285 .315 ----
ZiPS 556 1 70 32 .257 .300 .317 .273

2013 Outlook

This is being published before we know the extent if any to the thumb injury sustained by Hanley Ramirez during the WBC final game on Tuesday night. That said, as it stands, Ramirez's name is written in pen on the lineup card to play shortstop for the foreseeable future. I see a call up or two for Gordon with about 110 PA and a .245/.310/.300 line with 11 stolen bases.

What is your guess for Gordon? Be sure to guess BA/OBP/SLG, stolen bases and any other thing you wish to guess.