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Eric Stephen on Sports Speak LA

A few weeks back I met with Todd Boldizar and H.R. Cole of Sports Speak LA, to talk about the Dodgers' season. We discussed a variety of topics, including expectations on the team and a general overview of spring training.

We talked Sandy Koufax in camp, Hyun-jin Ryu's first season as a Dodger, Juan Uribe continuing to stick around, and the emergence of Yasiel Puig. Keep in mind that this was recorded on Mar. 9, back when Puig was hitting just .423.

Puig has 15 hits in 24 at-bats since this interview.

I also, knock on wood, talked about the relative lack of injuries for the Dodgers to that point in camp, so perhaps my blame for Hanley Ramirez tearing a ligament in his thumb will distract you from noticing the awkward head tilt of a man sitting directly next to his interview host.

Thanks to the folks at Sports Speak LA for having me as a guest.