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Yasiel Puig spring training numbers: Where does he rank?

Yasiel Puig has been on fire for nearly all of spring training, putting up gaudy numbers. Who does he think he is, Corey Smith?


Yasiel Puig may have went 0-for-2 on Sunday in Phoenix, but his 2013 spring numbers remain gaudy. He is hitting .527/.509/.855 this spring, and he's doing it in a team leading 57 plate appearances.

With 29 hits and 47 total bases, Puig has put up some numbers usually not seen by the Dodgers during spring training. Here is a look as far back as 2006 of spring training numbers to see if anyone has come close to Puig in recent years.


Hits leader: Dee Gordon, 25 (.379/.446/.485)

Total bases leader: Andre Ethier, 44 (.385/.431/.846)

Most PA by .500 hitter: Gorman Erickson, 8 (4-for-8, .500)


Hits leader: Matt Kemp, 20 (.290/.315/.609)

Total bases leader: Kemp, 42

Most PA by .500 hitter: Corey Smith, 16 (7-for-12, .583)

Smith really squeezed as much as possible out of those 16 plate appearances, with three home runs, two doubles, nine RBI, and four walks. The 29-year-old then hit .261/.305/.386 that year between Double-A Chattanooga and Triple-A Albuquerque.


Hits leader: Blake DeWitt, 22 (.349/.461/.556)

Total bases leader: DeWitt, 35

Most PA by .500 hitter: Jamie Hoffmann, 5 (3-for-5, .600)


Hits leader: James Loney, 26 (.292/.337/.348)

Total bases leader: Kemp, 42 (.272/.309/.457)

Most PA by .500 hitter: Jovanny Rosario, 2 (2-for-2, 1.000)

Notable: Manny Ramirez hit .458/.639/.625 in 36 PA, and Val Pascucci hit .455/.520/.864 in 25 PA.


Hits leader: Rafael Furcal, 31 (.373/.422/.675)

Total bases leader: Furcal, 56

Most PA by .500 hitter: Preston Mattingly, 2 (1-for-2, .500)


Hits leader: Loney, 29 (.414/.455/.500)

Total bases leader: Wilson Valdez, 40 (.356/.373/.548)

Most PA by .500 hitter: Kenley Jansen, 1 (1-for-1, 1.000)


Hits leader: Jason Repko, 20 (.303/.361/.500)

Total bases leader: Repko, 33

Most PA by .500 hitter: Nick Alvarez, 2 (2-for-2, 1.000)