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2013 Dodgers player profile: Hyun-jin Ryu, the start of something

Hyun-jin Ryu went about his business this spring and will start tonight in preparation for his major league regular season debut next Tuesday night.

Jennifer Hilderbrand-USA TODAY Sports

Hyun-jin Ryu was the one international signing that we knew we would be watching closely this spring as he was already penciled in the rotation before he threw one pitch in Arizona. Now Mr. Puig may have gotten the lion share of attention this spring but Ryu has gone out and continued to improve as camp made its way through March and tonight Ryu will make his final tune up prior to his start next Tuesday night against the Giants. Stay tuned as later today there will be more from Ryu.


Ryu won two games, including the Gold Medal game in the 2008 Olympics. Ryu is the only holder of an MVP and Rookie of the Year award from the same debut season in Korea. He accomplished that in 2006.

Contract status

Ryu is in the first year of a 6 year/$36M contract, he will receive $2.5M in 2013. He can earn an innings bonus totaling $1M as he gets $250,000 for each milestone of 170, 180, 190, and 200 innings in a season.


Year Age IP BB/9 K/9 ERA FIP
23 192.2 2.10 8.74 1.82 -----
2011 24 126 2.71 9.14 3.36 -----
2012 25 182.3 2.27 10.37 2.66 -----
2013 Projections - Age 26 Season
Source IP BB/9 K/9 ERA FIP
ZiPS 180.1 2.85 8.44 3.99 4.38
Pecota 156 2.71 6.23 4.12 ----

2013 Outlook

I thought about just using a random number generator to determine what Ryu will do since this is pretty close to a big guess but I will say 28 starts, 175 IP, 159 K and 52 walks with a 4.11 ERA.

Be sure to guess how you think Ryu will do in 2013. Include ERA, number of starts, and whatever else you wish to guess.