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Dodgers 2013 gambling odds: Player stats over-unders for Clayton Kershaw, Matt Kemp & the gang

A look at what the folks at Bovada think of the projected performance of several Dodgers, including Clayton Kershaw, Matt Kemp, and Adrian Gonzalez.


Heading into the season, the Dodgers have high expectations, as one might expect with a payroll north of $230 million. On a team level big things are expected, and the fine folks of Bovada have set the bar for several individual performances for the Dodgers this season.

Clayton Kershaw, who has led the major leagues in ERA in each of the last two seasons and has four consecutive years of a sub-3.00 ERA, has an over-under of a 2.70 ERA in 2013, per Bovada. Kershaw also has over-unders set at 16½ wins and 233½ strikeouts.

It's hard to fully evaluate using only triple crown stats, but if both Matt Kemp and Adrian Gonzalez hit somewhere near their over-under numbers the Dodgers would be quite pleased with that. Kemp has an over-under of a .292 batting average, 31½ home runs, and 105½ RBI. Gonzalez, hitting behind Kemp, has over-unders of .305, 26½ home runs, and 110½ RBI.

Andre Ethier's over-unders are set at 20½ home runs and 80½ RBI, right in line with his average of 21 home runs and 83 RBI over the last five campaigns.

New staring pitcher Zack Greinke is set at 15 wins, while Josh Beckett has an over-under of 12 wins, and Chad Billingsley at 11½ victories.

Bovada has set the over-under for Dodgers wins in 2013 at 90½ victories.