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Carl Crawford ties game but Dodgers lose in the bottom of the 7th

Crawford delivered a two-out single to left that concluded the 3-run comeback but then the Dodgers give up a run in the bottom of the inning to deliver the win to the Quakes


In a game that was only 7 innings long, the Dodgers only had one inning worth of offense as they scored 3 runs in the top of the 7th to tie the game 3-3 but then the Quakes were able to score in the bottom of the 7th to win it 4-3.

As the Dodgers were getting ready to leave Rancho Cucamonga visiting clubhouse, they cheered for Juan Uribe as he scored the first run at Angel Stadium, they asked who was pitching against them tomorrow night and most of all, seemed pleased that April 1 was just around the corner.

The only key moment in the game for the Dodgers was when Crawford came up with the bases loaded and two out with the Dodgers trailing 3-1. Former infielder Pedro Baez, who possess a really good fastball was trying to close out the win for the Quakes.

Crawford on facing Pedro Baez, who had just struck out the previous batter on inside fastballs said "you got the game on the line right there, you try not to do too much, It only takes a base hit to tie the game, I tried not to overswing."

Crawford did just that, lining a single to left, scoring two, the tying run carried in by Yasiel Puig, who was quite ordinary tonight except for one play.

Earlier in the inning Puig tagged up from first on a fly ball to fairly deep right field and made it to second to put the tying runs in scoring positon. Crawford said that the Dodgers had "been talking about base-running a lot and being aggressive on the base paths a lot."

Asked about Opening Day, Crawford said he "can't wait for Monday to get here." Finally, he said his throwing was "getting better."

Luis Cruz said "spring training was getting a little old" and that he was "excited about Opening Day." Cruz doesn't have any problems with playing short, "it's easier," Cruz said, "I know where to go when they hit the ball to the gap, I played there most of my career, I'll be fine."

Jerry Hairston said almost every team he has played on, they'll have an exhibition game against one of the minor league affiliates, "I am 0 for my career against the minor leaguers (in team wins)." Hairston also commented on the length of spring training, "long spring man, long spring," Hairston added "it's all about April 1st and beyond."

On preparing for the opening series against the Giants, Hairston said there are no secrets, "we know what they can do and they know what we can do." "It should be a great matchup, they are the defending champs and we have to go get them...they're the champs and we are the challengers."

On going into season with a bullseye on your back, Hairston said "there are expectations here...which is a great thing, you want to expect to win."

Hairston added, "we have a good ballclub, just go out play our game and just play as a team and let the chips fall as they may." But Hairston also added that this team just can't be focused on a hot start, "April is not October, we want to play well from start to finish and just concentrate on each series, the first series we have the Giants and hopefully we play well."