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Dodgers roster: Decisions, new roles loom for Chris Capuano, Aaron Harang, Ted Lilly

Capuano, Harang, and Lilly are the three odd men out in the Dodgers starting rotation, and we will find out Sunday just how many of them remain with the team in a different role.


With opening day rosters due Sunday afternoon, and the Dodgers still in possession of eight starting pitchers under contract, this weekend figures to be newsworthy, either with a trade or two or established veteran starters accepting their fate and moving to the bullpen.

All three of Chris Capuano, Aaron Harang, and Ted Lilly are in the final year of their contracts, and would much rather prefer to start than relieve during their walk year heading into free agency. Manager Don Mattingly said on Friday that has talked to the parties in question about a role switch.

"I can't say they've said, 'Hey thanks for talking to me about that,' but we've tried to be up front with guys from the beginning. They all knew that with eight guys for five spots, that there was a possibility of (moving to the bullpen)," Mattingly said. "I don't expect them to necessarily like it, but on the back side of that if we treat them with respect and like pros, at some point we expect them to do the best that they can with a bad situation."

Mattingly said he was no closer to a resolution regarding Lilly. The club would ideally like Lilly to go on the disabled list to begin the season, while Lilly hasn't been too keen on the idea.

"I know we've been concerned for a little while now with him. We talked with medical to see if there is anything going on," Mattingly said. "Teddy has just never caught up. He's been sick, hasn't had a chance to build up arm strength like everybody else."

The Dodgers can't simply unilaterally decide to place Lilly on the DL.

"We're trying to do what's right for everybody," Mattingly said.