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MLB opening day: Ethier atop Dodger rightfielder starts list

Andre Ethier will make his sixth opening day start in right field tomorrow becoming the LA Dodger leader


As the longest tenured member on the major league roster, Andre Ethier has been in the opening day lineup since 2007. And tomorrow, when Ethier makes his sixth start in right field (he made one start in left field in 2008), he will become the LA Dodger leader, breaking a tie at 5 with Ron Fairly, Mike Marshall and Raul Mondesi.

Ethier and Matt Kemp have been making their sixth straight opening day start together, no other LA Dodger outfield pair has made that many. Kemp has a ways to go to break the LA Dodger centerfielder starts, tomorrow is his fifth, Wille Davis is the leader with 12 starts in center field for the LA Dodgers.

Derek Lowe last pitcher to make three consecutive opening day starts for the Dodgers, Clayton Kershaw will make is third straight tomorrow.