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Carl Crawford injury: Dodgers LF to resume workouts on Thursday

Crawford hasn't felt any pain in his left forearm or elbow in three days, and will resume workouts on Thursday, beginning with hitting in the batting cage.

Rob Tringali

Dodgers left fielder Carl Crawford will resume workouts on Thursday, as he continues to rehab from Tommy John surgery last August. Crawford, who has yet to play a game this spring, was shut down from workouts last week after minor nerve irritation in his forearm, caused after he increased the intensity of his batting practice.

The Dodgers will take it slow with Crawford now, limiting him to one activity at a time. He will begin with hitting off a tee or via light toss in the batting cage on Thursday.

"He's doing good, but he'll be monitored, more on a rehab program," manager Don Mattingly said. "If we don't have trouble in one area, then we can keep moving to the next area. If something flares up, we want to know what's causing it."

That next area will be throwing for Crawford, which will likely take the longest of his skills to return to normal. But there is still no timetable for when Crawford will be able to play in a spring game, even as designated hitter.

"It will be cautious at first. Listening to Sue and to Stan, the biggest thing is we don't want this thing flaring up because we're doing too much, too fast," Mattingly said.

Mattingly also said Crawford has been showing up in the clubhouse at 5:30 a.m. PT to workout, determined to get back on track. But Mattingly's description of Crawford's limitations reminded me of Shaquille O'Neal once saying (before he won his first NBA title with the Lakers) that he had won at every level except college and the pros.

"(Crawford) has been able to do everything - track balls, stay in shape, base running - except throw and hit. That's obviously pretty important stuff but there are other areas that he's able to work," Mattingly said. "He hasn't had any pain in three days."