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World Baseball Classic: Healthy Javy Guerra returns to Dodgers camp

Ineligible to pitch for Team Mexico because of offseason surgery, the Dodgers relief pitcher is back in camp and says, "I'm just committed to coming back to the ballcub, proving I belong, and trying to make this team."


Javy Guerra was back in Dodgers camp on Thursday, one day after being ruled ineligible for the World Baseball Classic. Guerra is able to pitch for the Dodgers without restriction, but his November shoulder surgery made him ineligible to participate in the WBC.

"That's the crazy thing, I'm 100% going in there and 100% coming back," Guerra said.

After getting named to Team Mexico on Sunday, Guerra was sent to Mesa on Monday to have an MRI exam, a procedure Guerra called "pointless." Guerra saw another doctor on Wednesday and was informed of his ineligibility.

"First and foremost, I know I'm healthy and 100%. Everything was there. So I don't know how we got held up the whole process," Guerra said. "Ultimately there was stuff I couldn't control. There were people above me that made that decision."

Guerra was understandably disappointed by the decision.

"Any time you get a chance to put on that kind of uniform, it's a whole other level of pride. I think it was a big honor to be considered and put on that ball club," Guerra said. "More than anything, I have so much family in Mexico that were really pumped up, and my dad never really gets to watch me play, so that's the only thing that really bothered me about it."

Ten of Guerra's friends are flying into Arizona to come watch him pitch in Friday's game, when Mexico takes on Team USA at Chase Field in Phoenix, but now he plans to sit with them in the stands instead. Guerra said his father helped him through this situation.

"He called me and kind of talked me through it. More than anything he was happy and proud I was able to don the uniform for a little bit," Guerra said. "For the most part he understands there are things out of your control, and at the end of the day it wasn't my conscious choice to leave the team."

Though he didn't get to pitch for Mexico in the WBC, the Team Mexico bag and its contents above his locker gives Guerra a keepsake from the experience.

"I got to keep the apparel, that was the only cool part about it. I think it's a great looking uni."