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Spring training 2013: Dodgers, Giants game called by rain

Three rain delays were enough to convince umpires to finally cancel Friday's game between the Dodgers and Giants in Scottsdale.

The long walk back to the team bus is even tougher in the rain.
The long walk back to the team bus is even tougher in the rain.
Eric Stephen | True Blue LA

It took three rain delays and several more tarp maneuverings, but Friday's game between the Dodgers and Giants was officially canceled, in the second inning. The Dodgers led 4-0 when the game was called, but in a spring full of exhibition games, these stats don't even count for that.

The game started at 1:35 p.m. MT, exactly 30 minutes late, then had another delay in the bottom of the first inning for 26 minutes.

The two delays were enough to convince manager Don Mattingly to remove starting pitcher Ted Lilly after he faced just three batters. Hunter Pence doubled off Lilly with two outs before the second delay, but when the game resumed neither player remained in the game.

With pinch runner Roger Kieschnick on second base, new pitcher Javy Guerra hit Buster Posey with his first pitch then walked Brandon Belt to load the bases for team chemistry with two outs. But Guerra struck out Francisco Peguero to end the inning.

The Dodgers picked up three runs in the first against Barry Zito on consecutive RBI hits by Juan Uribe, Yasiel Puig, and Alex Castellanos, the latter a ground rule double to left center field. The Dodgers scored their fourth run after Justin Sellers led off the second with a triple, and scored on a ground ball by Jerry Hairston Jr.

But the rains came again and the game was officially nixed by the umpires.

The Dodgers are scheduled to play the Reds on Friday night back at Camelback, but with heavy rains throughout the Phoenix area that is in doubt.