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Matt Kemp, Carlos Quentin exchange words in tunnel after game

The war of words between the Dodgers and Padres didn't end with the brawl on the field or in the clubhouse on Thursday night at Petco Park.


Matt Kemp was one of the most vocal Dodgers on the field during the brawl with the Padres on Thursday night, and it spilled over into the tunnel leading to both the players parking lot and where the Dodgers team bus was parked in an altercation with Carlos Quentin.

"I'm always going to be backing my teammate," Kemp said in the locker room, before the incident with Quentin.

Kemp was one of four players ejected, along with Quentin, Zack Greinke, and Jerry Hairston Jr. on Thursday night. The players knew right away that Greinke was seriously hurt in the melee.

"Once he knew Zack was hurt, Matt kind of lost it," said manager Don Mattingly after the game.

Kemp was critical of Quentin in the locker room after the game, for charging the mound.

"That kind of stuff happens in the minor leagues," Kemp said. "It doesn't happen in the big leagues."

But after that is where the two players met. I was not there to witness, but Dylan Hernandez of the Los Angeles Times was:

The Associated Press happened to have a photographer nearby as well, as the two were separated by Padres pitcher Clayton Richard.

The Dodgers host the Padres beginning Monday night at Dodger Stadium.