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Carlos Quentin suspended 8 games, Jerry Hairston Jr. 1 game for brawl

Both players are appealing their suspension, and are playing Friday night.

Denis Poroy

The punishment from Major League Baseball has come down for Thursday night's brawl between the Dodgers and Padres at Petco Park. While Zack Greinke is expected to miss eight weeks after surgery to repair his broken left collarbone, Carlos Quentin of the Padres will miss eight games.

Manager Don Mattingly, in the heat of the moment after Thursday's game, wanted a much longer punishment for Quentin, who was recognized by MLB for actions "which included charging the mound and inciting the bench-clearing incident."

"It's just stupid, is what it is. He should not play a game until Greinke can throw a pitch. If he plays before Greinke pitches, something is wrong," Mattingly said Thursday. "He caused the whole thing. Nothing happens if you go to first base like in baseball you know you do, because you know he's not throwing at you 3-2, in a 2-1 game. That's zero understanding of the game of baseball."

Jerry Hairston, who ran toward the Padres dugout after the initial melee died down, was suspended for one game. Hairston, who was ejected, was asked Thursday night if he thought he would be suspended.

"For my role in it? What did I do? If you look at the tape, I was one of the guys breaking up the fight," he said. "I just didn't like a guy making fun of a guy with a broken collarbone."

Both Quentin and Hairston were fined an undisclosed amount, and both are appealing their suspensions. Both are starting in left field for their respective teams Friday night. Neither Greinke nor Matt Kemp, the other two players ejected, will be suspended.