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Carlos Quentin drops suspension appeal, won't play at Dodger Stadium

The Padres outfielder will begin serving his eight-game suspension Sunday and won't play against the Dodgers this week at Dodger Stadium.


While Dodgers fans might not get their blood lust quenched when the Padres come to town beginning Monday night, Los Angeles will have to take comfort in the fact that San Diego will likely be limited to a 24-man roster during the series at Dodger Stadium. Carlos Quentin won't play this week against the Dodgers,as he has dropped the appeal of his eight-game suspension, per Padres broadcaster Andy Masur.

It was first reported by Bill Center of the San Diego Union-Tribune:

A ruling on the appeal – and a possible reduction of the eight-game suspension – could be made as early as Sunday. However, if the appeal process isn’t completed there is also a strong chance that the left fielder will drop the appeal and begin his suspension Monday.

"Major League Baseball is very aware of the situation," a source in the league office said Saturday. "I think everyone would like to see a little time between the incident and Quentin’s next appearance at Dodger Stadium."

Thursday night in San Diego there was a lot of animosity toward Quentin in the Dodgers clubhouse, understandable since he was directly involved in Zack Greinke's left collarbone breaking and the right-hander missing the next eight weeks. Manager Don Mattingly called Quentin an idiot, called his actions stupid and said he showed "zero understanding of the game of baseball."

Jerry Hairston, who was also suspended one game, said of Quentin, "I don't know Carlos at all, I really don't, but he was wrong."

Matt Kemp and Quentin had an altercation in the tunnel near the players parking lot Thursday night, culminating in Kemp telling Quentin, "We'll see, bitch."

Even the normally quiet Greinke, when asked if there was any bad blood between the Dodgers and Padres, said, "Now there probably is. I don't know if there was before."

Clayton Kershaw said of Quentin to Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times, "If he's smart, he'll just take the suspension."