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Vin Scully on Joe Garagiola

Garagiola is retiring Sunday after 58 years of broadcasting baseball.

Vin Scully worked with Joe Garagiola on the NBC Game of the Week in the 1980s and, among other things, the two worked the 1988 World Series together involving the Dodgers and Athletics. Sunday marks Garagiola's final broadcast, as he is retiring after 58 years behind the microphone, calling one final game for the Diamondbacks before calling it quits.

In the bottom of the third inning, Scully reflected on working with Garagiola, whom he knew had a great sense of humor but also marveled at Garagiola's work ethic and preparedness for each game. Scully also said Garagiola would use the restroom at least three times per game, and would always playfully chastise Scully for not needing to use the restroom himself.

"And I used to say, 'Joe, I'm on television, I don't go to the bathroom'," Scully said on the Prime Ticket broadcast. "Well, we had a lot of fun."

It was a fitting tribute from one Hall of Fame broadcaster to another.