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Jackie Robinson Day links: A famous photo, box office success, timeless legacy

Thoughts on Jackie Robinson on his day, April 15.

LA Dodgers

Jay Jaffe of Sports Illustrated watched the movie '42' in Brooklyn and recounted tales of Jackie Robnson passed down from his father and grandfather.

Mike Bates at SB Nation argues that Robinson probably should have won MVP awards from 1950-1952 and maybe even 1953, in addition to the 1949 award he did win.

The movie '42' blew away the competition at the box office over the weekend, and Rob Neyer at Baseball Nation is rightfully giddy about that.

Roger Angell of The New Yorker recalls a moment at the Polo Grounds in New York when Jackie Robinson 'came apart.'

Steven Goldman at SB Nation looks back at Robinson's decision to align himself with Richard Nixon's presidential campaign in 1960.

Henry Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle saw an old interview with Robinson on television on Sunday and "choked up. I wanted to reach into the television and hug a man who has been gone for 40 years."

Keith Olbermann caught up with the kid in one of the most famous and iconic Jackie Robinson photos ever.

Paul Hagen of caught up with Wayne Terwilliger (Bouvier?), who was a teammate of Robinson in 1951.

Dusty Baker is thankful for Jackie Robinson, writes Tracy Ringolsby at

Jackie Robinson's "spirit remains alive and healthy today," writes Scott Miller at CBS Sports.