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Vin Scully on his interview with Branch Rickey

On Jackie Robinson Night, Vin Scully reflected back on his job interview with Branch Rickey, a must-see video.

One of the great things about having Vin Scully as an announcer is his unique ability to tell firsthand stories of some of the great moments in both Dodgers and baseball history, the benefit of 64 years behind the microphone. On Jackie Robinson Night on Monday, Scully during the Prime Ticket broadcast reflected on interviewing for his job with Branch Rickey.

The story was gold:

"It was a big day, Jackie Robinson singing with the Brooklyn Dodgers and Branch Rickey, which reminds us to compliment Harrison Ford, who did a terrific job as Branch Rickey. I can say that because I interviewed for the job scared to death sitting on the other side of the desk looking at Mr. Rickey, wondering what he was going to ask me and how it was going to go.

"He wound up the discussion by asking me questions The questions were, 'Are you married?'

"No sir.

'Are you engaged?'

"No sir.

'Are you going steady?'

"Then he lit that little cigar, and said 'Get a girl, go steady, get engaged, and get married.' Yes sir. It scared me to death, but he was right."