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Dodgers links: Clayton Kershaw's opening day, 'Justin Verlander doesn't hit home runs'

Clayton Kershaw stole the show on opening day. Here is a look back to Monday's opening day, from various different viewpoints.


Molly Knight at ESPN wrote "Kershaw's physical gifts might only be matched by the freakish tenacity with which he goes about his daily business."

Dylan Hernandez wrote of Kershaw's contract talks, "Kershaw said multiple times during spring training that he didn't want to negotiate once the season started but wouldn't say Monday if that was still the case. General Manager Ned Colletti and other team officials also refused to comment on the talks."

Jon Weisman at Sports on Earth wrote, "in a rocket-shot metaphor of what his career has so quickly become, 25-year-old Clayton Kershaw stole the biggest roars of the day."

Lyle Spencer at wrote of Sandy Koufax and Kershaw, and asked the question "Is Kershaw the best pitcher in the game?"

Mike Petriello at Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness wrote, "Sometimes, the words just fail you. Because what we saw today… I have no idea how to describe it. If I could vocalize it, it’d just come out in some sort of giant 'SQUUEEEEEE!!!!'"

Chad Moriyama captured the fun in the form of several GIFs.

Just about everyone quoted Matt Kemp saying "Show him the money" about Kershaw, but it was Ken Gurnick at who identified Jerry Hairston Jr. as the one saying "Verlander doesn't hit home runs!"

Hernandez also wrote about how getting Matt Cain's pitch count up helped turn the tide in the Dodgers' favor on Monday.

A.J. Ellis told Mark Saxon of ESPN LA "It's one of those games where everyone's going to say they were at this game. Even though there were only 56,000 here, about 100,000 are going to say, 'I was at the Kershaw home run game.'"

Austin Laymance of wrote about the pregame ceremonies honoring the 1963 and 1988 World Series winners.

J.P. Hoornstra at the Daily News wrote about the Dodgers' first pitch video, which had a Hollywood flair.